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"Brilliant. Vital. Encompassing. Seb’s work astonishes on a grand scale, yet

has the subtlety to allow for complex and understated projects to flourish."

- Keith Merrill

Seb Turner-Moore is an up and coming music composer & producer. Over

the past few years of his musical journey he has learnt how to convey and

express emotion through the power of music in highly successful ways.

Seb's modern scoring style can capture all types of emotion for picture,

from big dramatic orchestral scores to dynamic and delicate scores that

convey intimate and moving emotion.


Seb Studied Music & Sound Design at the University of Ravensbourne in

London. During the course it enabled him to unlock further skills in his musical ability. Not just with music but with Sound Design as well. He had the opportunity to learn about foley recording and the post production process of sound design within a film.


"Some might say that film is singularly a visual experience. However, I believe that the music within a film is at the heart of the emotion and feeling of the picture. Music and sound work on the unconscious mind; triggering happiness, sadness, tension and many other emotions through specific aspects such as tone and tempo. I have researched in depth how music can achieve this and how film music becomes a sub-conscious communication where the listener does not need to know the meaning behind the score, but only how the music makes them feel. And this is exactly the mindset I use for working on any film piece." - Seb Turner-Moore

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