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Winner - Best Director of 2023 for The Pride - The Theatre Prize Hamburg - Rolf Mares

"A director of enormous scope whose work is chock full of detail, wit and passion. An award winning artist, he is in demand internationally as both a director and an accomplished composer." - Keith Merrill

Currently the Artistic Director of The English Theatre of Hamburg.

Paul Glaser, a renowned director who has taken the theatre world by storm with his award-winning and innovative productions. With a background in not only theatre but also dance and music, Paul brings a unique combination of skills to his work. While he draws freely from his experiences in various art forms, Paul is primarily known for his critically acclaimed productions of straight theater such as “The Picture of Dorian Gray” “Moonlight and Magnolias” and “The Pride”, as well as his own adaptation of the classic "Great Expectations" captivating audiences and receiving rave reviews. However, Paul's versatility as a director shines through as he also tackles the realm of musical theater, showcasing his exceptional talent and expertise in this genre. With a distinct and unmatched skillset, Paul Glaser continues to push the boundaries of theatrical storytelling, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Paul is also freelancing as a composer and director for worldwide clients.

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