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Born in the cradle of Artists, Katherine is the granddaughter of MOISES CHIRE BARRIENTOS and daughter of

JOE CHIRE - renowned Bolivian painters.


Influenced greatly by her family, Katherine went on to create her own unique style inspired by the catwalks of

Paris. Her aquarelles opened doors for her in the world of Parisian fashion.

Her parents discovered her interest in drawing at the age of 5 when, instead of asking for toys as other children

did at Christmas, she asked for colours. Thus she created a fantasy world, her first recreations being the Disney

princesses. After finishing school, she studied Law before realising that her heart was truly in her family's legacy

and she needed to do what she was most passionate about.


Thus she began her studies at the SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS in La Paz, Bolivia.

Upon arrival in Paris she began studying fashion styling - working during the day and studying at night. Her style became focused on fashion for the female form and began to rouse the interest of famous models and recognized fashion stylists. It wasn't long before she would be invited to be part of the Parisian catwalks, commissioned to take live portraits of models and dresses at the events, making herself known throughout Parisian high society.


She is currently the creator of hundreds of illustrations that are exhibited throughout the center of Paris.

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