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"The author of the series of novels Between The Lions, Jodi Baker is one of those talents - those rarest of talents -

who can effortlessly combine commercial viability with literary artistry. Not often do we discover a fantasy series that

is as entertaining as it is beautifully written - as fantastical as it is intellectually stimulating and - lest I put anyone off -

educational. It's just so damn GOOD. With a pilot of Between The Lions as well as a fascinating new play on the go -

Jodi Baker is the one to watch." - Keith Merrill

"Must-Read YA" - USA Today 

"This series should be on every young woman’s bookshelf." - The Los Angeles Times


Author Jodi Baker brilliantly weaves together mysticism, forbidden romance, action, diverse characters, secrets, lies,

ancient truths & fantastical Libraries in her Between Lions Series.

The only person I ever trusted was my mother, who lied about everything. I’m the last in a long lineage of powerful women whose secrets date back to the ancient Library of Alexandria. Now I’m fighting like hell to stay alive while searching for my missing mother and the truth, desperate to find something or someone I can trust. - Trust, the novel

“Jodi Baker’s first YA series had me hooked at page one with her debut Trust… Between Lions is definitely the YA series to follow!” – The New York Times

"Loved the mysticism and magic. World building made me want to jump in the fight alongside Anna.

Recommended Romance & Must-Read YA!" - USA Today

"America's answer to Harry Potter: Jodi Baker's TRUST." - The Arriviste

“Baker created a fantastic world in the middle of urban New York City. Full of literary nods and historical and mythological details, TRUSTis a treat for geeks, librarians, history and literature lovers. Great job creating strong female characters & portraying beautiful diverse characters!"

- Bookworms and Owls

"Trust is an exotic blend of cultures, mythology, and fantasy. I couldn't stop reading and can't wait to read more. I love Anna and Inanna and miss their voices already!" - Librarian Specialist for Jefferson City Public Schools

"I loved so many things about TRUST. Introducing young people to a pantheon not covered by Percy Jackson. A story with a basis in the library of Alexandria (as a librarian I'm almost required to love that). All the action, the budding love story, and most of all the should devour TRUST just like I did. Just watch your back for Were-animals. And liars. And voices in your head. Trust is a brilliant introduction to a series I can't wait to get to finish." - Tina Brison, Librarian & Educator

"WOW! Bibliophiles will love this book about books & the coming age of a strong female protagonist." - Dr. K Berry, Librarian at Antlers Public Schools - Oklahoma

"Good writing, interesting story, Werejackals, gift-giving voices, a surprise rich relative, mystery, a girl who loves books...this was a fun read!"

- Book Devourer Blog

“Mythological fantasy masterpiece. I couldn't put it down.” - Amazon Reviewer

As a child the only punishment Jodi ever feared was not being allowed her weekly visit to the library. At boarding school, though an enthusiastic student, her late night reading fests frequently made her late for first period. Luckily, it was a high school for Performing Arts, where the classes she was good at (writing, theatre, dance & visual art) happened in the afternoon. After attending Carnegie Mellon University, she spent several months performing plays on the island of Cyprus, which was where she fell in love with mythology. When she returned to the U.S.A. Jodi lived in New York City. After a summer of working as a tour guide for the Natural History Museum, Jodi developed an addiction for wandering through all of NYC's incredible Museums - especially the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She also spent many hours sitting between the infamous library lions dreaming up the kinds of books she wanted to create. Now she happily lives in Los Angeles with two Anubis-y looking dogs in a house lined with books instead of wallpaper. Jodi Baker loves writing & reading Young Adult Urban Fantasy Mythological stories tinged with romance. In addition to her young adult BETWEEN LIONS series, Jodi is also working on a middle grade fiction fantasy series.

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