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"In an industry diluted by endless numbers of cookie cutter artists, Aurélien brings a singular vision,

an individuality that's as unsullied as it is light years ahead. As an actor he exudes riveting

authenticity, simplicity and genuine pathos derived from a true place of lived experience brought

directly into and through his work. As a songwriter, he wields lyrics as though a weapon forged of

joy and wisdom while his musicality is unapologetically quirky, cool and sensual. This beautiful, up

and coming artist is the epitome of why agents do this job." - Keith Merrill


Born in Marseilles, Aurélien is a young multi-disciplinarian. He has honed his raw talents while living a

homeless life in the streets of France and traveling the world - learning his musical craft from great

African musicians and jazz artists - the music school of life, as it were. The various hardships (and

adventures) he experienced along the way inspired an utterly unique brand of story telling that he

applies to his lyrics and composition: a mix of spirituality, sardonic humour, philosophy, and an un - adulterated frankness. As with many artists, he had to find it within himself to be his own champion - failing to find support from those around him. And, as with many artists, this simply made him a better version of himself.

Credit: Marjix.Photo

At 13, he began his artistic journey acting (in Alice in Wonderland) in an amateur adult theatre class, where he was a willing sponge for their combined experience and guidance. Since that time, he has a profound affinity with inter-generational collaboration, creating projects with people of all ages and origins. 

He as a creative mind that allows him to take direction well and to explore and push the limits of that creativity. A passionate relationship towards all his characters (whom he respects as if they were real) he enjoys forging every piece, sharpening, analysing and mining the details around them.

Aurelien is also a trained dancer and a daily practitioner of martial art such as Kung Fu Shaolin and Tai ji Juan. He has danced with artists such as Smile and Intestin and for art exhibitions such as the Beaux Arts of Bordeaux.

He also writes, produces shows for comedy festivals, choreographs for videos/ theatre, and has a bag full of characters he draws from in improvisations competitions.

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